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Looking for effective ways to market EarthCraft-certified buildings? The EarthCraft program provides a training class that teaches the principles of green building. In addition, you’ll learn the specifics of the EarthCraft program in order to most successfully present and market sustainably built, green homes.

The three-and-a-half-hour EarthCraft Real Estate Professional class presents there basics of building science, including the role of indoor air quality in providing a healthful living environment as well as the impact of utility costs including energy and water on the lifetime cost of home ownership. In addition, the curriculum includes a review of techniques for identifying categories and demographics of green home buyers, strategies for marketing green buildings, tips on recognizing green home features and translating them into homebuyer benefits, and background information on policy and mortgage incentives for purchasing energy-efficient buildings.

Once you’ve completed the training, you can receive the EarthCraft Real Estate Professional designation, allowing you to reach out to a growing customer base interested in sustainably built homes and distinguish yourself from other home sales professionals.

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